day 366

Saying goodbye to 2012.
Packing away the Christmas decorations and reflecting on what a wonderful year it has been.
There are always challenges,
but the good times MORE than outweigh the bad.
We are so very blessed.
Looking forward to another amazing year
full to the brim with more memories that will make us laugh,
cry, wonder and REMEMBER.

Let the countdown to the new year begin.

day 365

Our newly baptized girl all ready for church in her new baptism dress,
 with her new scriptures,
and her new CTR ring and locket.
And looking way too grown up.

day 364

We had lots of busy days,
and that yucky flu is catching up with this little one today.

day 363

Payton's Baptism Day.
Our oldest baby is 8 years old...
it is hard to believe this day has already come!
Her baptism was perfect,
nothing could have made us happier today.
We love you Payton,
and are so proud of your decision to be baptized!

(read more about Payton's baptism here.)

day 362

Back home and getting all ready for Payton's Baptism tomorrow,
Feeling very excited and emotional today.

day 361

In Red Deer for Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Audenart.
Catching a nap amidst all the action.

day 360

Merry Christmas!
The kids were thrilled this morning with all of their special stuff.
They were so excited and happy...
for themselves and for eachother!
It was a great morning with our little family!

day 359

Christmas Eve.
Santa was kind enough to take a quick picture after he filled the kids stockings.
I love this magical time for my kiddies!

day 358

So this was my attempt at taking a picture of the kids looking all cute in their Christmas outfits before church this morning.
Nailed it.

day 357

Our home.

day 356

Our 2nd Annual Christmas Craft Day!
Nothing major, but the girls love this and so do I.
I can totally picture us doing this year after year...
my hope is that by October we're thinking and planning what awesome
Christmas projects we want to make that year.
A special Christmas tradition!

day 355

She put on the red lipstick and the strategically-placed doll scarf on her head all by herself.
Then I was instructed to make her hot chocolate.
Yes, m'am.

day 354

Payton and Gabby's school "winter" concert today.
Can you find them?

day 353

Look who is EIGHT today!!??!
Happy Birthday to our beautiful Payton!
She wanted to go out for a "fancy" dinner so we took her to Olive Garden
and then back home for cake and presents.
We love you, Pay!!!

day 352

Our annual Christmas dinner and gift-exchange tonight.
Love these girls so much,
and after a bajillion years of friendship, I am so glad this tradition is still alive.
Love you girls!!
And as as we used to write in our notes to eachother...
Best Friends Forever!!